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The Name:Levanna by ReiTaicho The Name:Levanna :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 2 0
At The Last Minute
In Ouran Academy, lineage counts first and wealth a close second. The wealthy were blessed with idle hours within the school walls. So to entertain themselves they did whatever they pleased. And so following the directions of: Top Floor, South Wing…the unused music room at the end of the North hallway, the Third Music Room…most of the ladies would spend their time and money with…the Host Club; a small club consisting of six…no seven fine, gorgeous, and handsome men…with much time on their hands as the other students making up their clientele.  Each host entertained a lady with a different charm.
The Host Club 'King' was Tamaki Souh, son of the Academy's chairmen [Yuzuru Souh] and the most requested male in the club. His 'type' was called "Prince". He called the ladies princess and complimented them whenever he could squeeze it in while he spoke of how wonderful he was as well.
The Host Club 'Shadow King' was Kyouya Ootori, third son of Yoshio Ootori o
:iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 8 0
Lesson Number One
It happened so suddenly. Hatori had been called over to Shigure's to check up on Yuki. The check up went normal as usual; it wasn't until he called up a friend to meet up later that night. He got to the location they had agreed to meet at but as soon as he tried to step out of his car, some other vehicle smashed into the opposite side of his car.
Cassie brushed her blond bangs out of her eyes; the heat of the day was taking its toll on her. She pulled down on her pale pink shirt. She had about two blocks till she arrived to her destination. Only eight minutes ago she got a phone call from an old friend. It was Hatori Sohma, the family doctor, and cousin of Ayame Sohma (who she met through her male friend). She noticed that a black car sped by her to park in front of the café that Hatori had agree to meet her at. "Hatori!" She rushed over to see him getting out of his seat, but another vehicle pulled out of the alley and smashed into the other side of Hatori's car. Cassie screamed
:iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 13 5
ColorMe Rei 2 by ReiTaicho ColorMe Rei 2 :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 2 4 ColorMe Rei 1 by ReiTaicho ColorMe Rei 1 :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 1 2 The Blushing Princes by ReiTaicho The Blushing Princes :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 10 3 Nnoitra x Zisii for Krista1216 by ReiTaicho Nnoitra x Zisii for Krista1216 :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 3 0 Momiji Year of the Rabbit by ReiTaicho Momiji Year of the Rabbit :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 18 0 Latin Flare by ReiTaicho Latin Flare :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 2 0 My ID by ReiTaicho My ID :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 1 0 Mr. and Mrs. Jeagerjaques by ReiTaicho Mr. and Mrs. Jeagerjaques :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 2 0 Rogue Jeagerjaques -Contest- by ReiTaicho Rogue Jeagerjaques -Contest- :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 11 3
Profile of Hoshi Hishiro
Profile for: Hoshi Hishiro
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 15
Birthdate: Feburary 9th
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: N/A
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'8"
Measurements: 139 lbs, C cup
Beliefs/Religion: "Ghosts"
Basic Description:  blond and black hair, yellow eyes, tan skin, slender
Current Information
Family Background: Her mother died when she was 9, just two months after Ichigo's mom died. She is an only child. Her father used to be very family-oriented, till his wife died. Now he ignores Hoshi.
Birthplace: Karakura Town, Japan
History, Background: She was always a momma's girl. She met Ichigo Kurosaki through Karate. They became best friends. Two months after Masaki Kurosaki's death her own mother died, cause as now is still unknown. Both had become one another's pillar.
Home: Karakura Town, Japan
Pet{s}: N/A
Physical Description
Hair color: blond [on top], black [from n
:iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 1 12
OC_Hoshi_Hishiro by ReiTaicho OC_Hoshi_Hishiro :iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 4 2
OC profiling made easy
Profile for: (put first name and last)
Gender:(male or female)
Race:(Neko, wolf, wicth, angel ect.)
Birthdate:(00/00/000 thats what I would do)
Astrological sign: (Libra the scale)
Chinese Zodiac Sign: (ox, horse, ect.)
Blood Type: (A, B, AB, O)
Height: (5'3 or 150cm or something like that)
Measurements: (weight, build [[i.e. lean, thin, chubby]], waist, sizes, for females bust)
Beliefs/Religion: (Ghost, Chirstian, ect.)
Basic Description: (brown hair and eyes skinny)
Current Infomation
Family Backround: (No parents, raised in a pack,etc.)
brithplace: (Forest, Cave, etc.)
History, Background: (ran away, almosted died, etc.)
Home: (forest, tree, etc.)
Pet{s}: (dog, cat, etc.)
Physical Description
Hair color: (green, black, blue, etc.)
Hair style: (short, long, spikey, etc.)
Eyes: (blue, Brown, etc.)
Eye shape: (almond, round, animal-like, etc.)
Skin Tone: (dark, pale, tan, blotchy, etc.)
:iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 1 9
Silence Is Golden
"Why me?" You sighed, running a hand through your dark hair. Not only did you stop another case of animal abuse today but your mother pulled the 'first daughter' card on you. With Hiro all ready spoken for, by his childhood sweetheart Miyu Kiriharu, you were the only one left that your parents could use for a small bargain. You knew it was coming…but what you weren't ready for was what you felt for a certain 'Wild Type' coming at you from out of the blue.
~~~**~~~**~~~**~~~** Flashback **~~~**~~~**~~~**~~~
You had just gotten out of class early. Tamaki seemed to have messed with something, not sure what or who, but most of the class didn't really mind. It's not like they were actually paying attention to the lesson. So instead of calling you ride or your brother you decided to walk around and explore the school. 'Now that I think about it…I've gone to this school for two years and I only know which rooms I have to go to for class.' You started on the first floor…most of
:iconreitaicho:ReiTaicho 10 0
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I do fanfiction and some drawings...I'm more of a writer though. But I like to try new stuff. :)


If you like my stuff or the things I like...well you should really check these out. :+fav: and :shoutbox: I'll bet they'll love even a simple 'awesome' or :)




Too Much To Love
United States
Bleach: Not just for clothes and toys. XD

Addictions: Anime, Manga, Video Games, Ramen, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Strawberries, and the Computer

Warning: This patient tends to hibernate within their room with anime, manga, computer, and food. Does not like Sun light and the Twilight movies [do not force to watch...will act recklessly].

Instructions: Do not allow this patient in a lockable room with food, books, shows, or computer. Keep this patient in sight at all times. Satisfy this patient with crime shows. Do not leave alone in area with chocolate, little debbi snacks, ice cream, strawberries, or vanilla coke.

Caution: This patient supports homosexuality. Is a Yaoi and Yuri fan. May be possible to find Yaoi/Yuri fanfictions or lemon stories within deviations. Has a gutter riddled mind, not afraid to show it. [though this patient does their best to not offend others]

Good things: House M.D., Law & Order SVU, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, CSI, NCIS, White Collar, So You Think You Can Dance, Phineas and Ferb, Classic Cartoons, iCarly, Ned's deClassified, and Anime.

Bad things: Hanna Montana, Reality TV, Chowder, Dancing with the Stars, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Adventure Time.

That is all.

Current Residence: In Karakura Town looking for Seishun with the Host Club avoiding the Night Class
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime style
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: too many to type...if ya wanna know ask me
Personal Quote: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Proverb


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To Whom It May Concern: Happy Halloween!

Good Day Fellow Deviants

I know it seems shocking to be hearing from little ol' me finally after, well...techniquely a little over a month...but whatever, a long long time...however I have fantastic news.

Good News #1

I now have access to my computer, therefore, I can start redoing the oneshots I was asked to do...and I have several chapter stories in mind that I'll be working on as well...hopefully I'll stick to them longer than other stories.

Good News #2

I have finally gotten a's part time at Walmart in the boys, girls, and infants section. Which sounds like fun since it will be at the Wally world that my mom works at so I know like half the people before even going for my orientation, which by the way is on Tuesday.

Bad News #1

I won't have as much time as I once did to do my stories, but since it's only part time I don't think that really is much of a it depends more on my creativity and how exhausted I'll be after working I guess...?

Good News #3

I'll be able to pay for my car insurance, so no walking for me, and I might be able to get that new phone I've wanted for a while now...the Samsung Acclaim Andriod from US Cellular...qwerty board and touch screen along with internet'd be like a travel size computer...Weeee!!!!

Bad News #2

With the fact that I'm getting a job mom wants me to help pay for her car, like if it needs new tires or something goes wrong, and it's rumored from my grandma [mom's mom] that mom is planing out what I'll be doing with my paycheck...I haven't even gone in for orientation yet...and I have a plan thought out as it suck a lollipop mom...I'm the one working my ass I get to decided how to spend it...or save it...or whatever.

Well, anyway...I think that's about all I can think of telling Peace!

From the Journal of ReiTaicho

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